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Opaque Acrylic Plugs
7 colors
8g up to 1"
$3.98-$8.98 pair
Grey Skin Eyelets by Kaos Softwear
6g up to 1"
$13.98-$16.98 pair
Acrylic Flesh Plugs
8g up to 1"
$4.98-$8.98 pair
Single Flare Clear Plugs by Glasswear Studios
10g up to 1-1/2"
$9.58-$79.98 pair
Brass Saddle Spreaders
2g up to 1-9/16"
$14.98-$61.98 pair
Silicone Teardrop Tunnels
$2.24-$2.99 pair
Bloodwood Tunnels by Siam Organics
6g up to 3"
$17.98-$92.98 pair
Sunflower Plugs
2g up to 15/16"
$7.98-$9.98 pair
Stainless Screw-On Tunnels
10g up to 1"
$11.98-$23.98 pair
Screw-On Stainless CZ Plugs
4 gem colors
8g up to 1"
$17.98-$41.98 pair
Double Flare Rose Gold Plated Tunnels
8g up to 1"
$11.98-$13.98 pair
Silver Filigree Tunnels
2g up to 1"
$13.98-$25.98 pair