Body Piercing Retainers

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Our selection of body piercing retainers is unmatched in range of sizes available, materials and designs.
Silicone Piercing Discs
4.8mm or 6.5mm
$3.98 pack
Bioflex Nostril Retainer
20g or 18g
3 colors
$2.98 each
16g Clear Bioflex Curved Barbell
$2.98 each
16g Bioflex Circular Barbell
7 colors
$2.98 each
Acrylic Bioflex Barbell
14g 15/32"-3/4"
8 colors
$1.98-$2.98 each
Flesh Tone Glass Retainer by Glasswear Studios
18g to 14g
7 colors
$7.98-$8.98 each
Flesh Tone Hider Plugs by Kaos Softwear
10g to 1"
6 colors
$13.98-$15.98 pair
Silicone Heart Retainer by Kaos Softwear
18g to 14g
7 colors
$7.98 each