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18g Textured Finish Disc by NeoMetal

18g Textured Titanium Disc by NeoMetal


The 18 gauge threadless textured finish disc end is made from high polish grade 23 titanium (ASTM F136 6AI 4V ELI) by NeoMetal Body Jewelry. Choose your color below.

You'll receive the end only. NeoMetal barbells are sold separately. These might not be compatible with threadless parts from a different maker.

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Customer Reviews

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Additional Info

Yes I'm aware that I ordered the smallest size available. Who sells a piece of jewelry that is smaller than the hole? It makes no sense.

You ordered an 18g post which is 1.0mm thick. The end you ordered has a 1.5mm diameter. You might have a nostril piercing larger than 18g but knowing that is your responsibility. There's no possible way for us to know the size of your piercing.
Way Too Small

Was smaller than the hole in my nose. Company refused to exchange it for bigger size.

You ordered the smallest of three sizes available (1.5mm). We ship all jewelry in a heat sealed clear plastic bag for you to inspect size and quality before deciding to keep them. At the point you break the seal and try jewelry on, you have committed to owning it. Our return policy is unconditional so long as the bag remains sealed.
Good for professionals.

I got this post because I need something very modest and simple to wear at work that is appropriate for a healthcare professional. I got the light brown one and looks just like a small mole if you don't look too closely at it. It works perfectly for what I needed and fits the post I already had. I'm very happy with it.


I ordered 18g in both the yellow and pink. Both were not as light in color as I had hoped, and they were too small to stay in my 18g bar. The pink one fell out while I was sleeping so that's lost money and I can't return the yellow since I opened the package.

NeoMetal tops need to be slightly bent in order to stay in the post. We send a small instruction card with every order to explain how it should be done. Every NeoMetal product page also has a diagram with instructions directly under the product picture. If you're uncertain how any item works, we encourage you to contact us for help. I received and replied to your email within two hours, but I guess you'd already lost it. If you were unhappy with the color, it could have been returned for a full refund or exchanged so long as it was still heat-sealed in the original clear bag.

I wanted something very tiny for my nostril and this fits the bill! I thought it would look more like a mole/freckle but either way I'm super happy about it. I got the smallest one in matte light brown.

+ Expand

All jewelry is individually packaged in clear heat sealed bags that allow for a good visual inspection of size and color. Please take a good look at your jewelry and make sure it meets up with your expectations before opening the bag. Everything is guaranteed to arrive undamaged and free of manufacturer defects. Items can be exchanged or returned for a full store credit within thirty days of delivery confirmation, but only if the original packaging remains sealed. Original shipping charges will not be reimbursed, but replacements for any defective, broken or mistaken merchandise are always shipped free.

Click here to create a return or exchange ticket. Please contact us with any questions before sending jewelry back. We recommend that you recycle the original packaging when sending jewelry back to us. Returns will not be accepted if they arrive damaged or lack appropriate packaging. Mailing the jewelry in a regular envelope is almost guaranteed to result in damage or total loss when it's run through post office sorting machines. RETURNS THAT ARE SENT IN A REGULAR ENVELOPE WILL BE REJECTED.

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