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Dahlia Jewelry

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Clear Push-in Labret Retainer
16g or 14g
$2.98 each
Stainless Steel Labret
18g up to 10g
$2.98-$5.98 each
Clear Bioflex Labret Retainer
16g or 14g
$2.98 each
Silicone Heart Retainer by Kaos Softwear
18g up to 14g
7 colors
$7.98 each
Stainless Steel Labret (internal threads)
16g up to 12g
$4.98-$7.98 each
Push-in Microgem Bioflex Labret
16g 5/16"
12 gem colors
$3.98 each
Stainless Prong-set CZ Labret
16g 1/4"-3/8"
10 gem colors
$6.98 each
Acrylic Labret Retainer
18g up to 12g
$2.98 each
Stainless Bezel-set CZ Labret
16g 1/4"-3/8"
$6.98 each
Stainless Microgem Labret
16g 1/4"-7/16"
14 gem colors
$6.98 each