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Tulsa Body Jewelry offers unique styles, hard to find sizes, and top brands at a low price...


Pride CZ Trinity End by NeoMetal
5 colors
$31.40 each
Pride CZ Flower End by NeoMetal
two sizes
5 colors
$38.60-$43.48 each
Plume Agate Concave Plugs
2g to 1-1/4"
$8.98-$28.98 pair
Flower of Life Cherry Wood Plugs
9/16" to 1-1/2"
8/10mm wearable
$15.98-$31.98 pair
Mahogany & Poplar Inlay Tunnels
00g to 1-1/2"
8/10mm wearable
$20.98-$35.98 pair
Walnut Wood Concave Plugs
8g to 1-1/2"
8/10mm wearable
$11.98-$29.98 pair
Leather Plug Pouch
0g to 1-1/2"
$23.98 each
Lavender Opalite Glass Rose Plugs
2g to 1"
$11.98-$26.98 pair
Blue Dichroic Tail Spirals
8g to 5/8"
$12.98-$23.98 pair
Black Glass Single Flare Plugs
8g to 1"
$7.98-$32.98 pair
Aztec Gold Skin Eyelets by Kaos Softwear
10g to 1"
$13.98-$16.98 pair
14g Titanium Opal Disc
14 opal colors
$6.98-$12.98 each