Gay Pride

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Rainbow Opal Fixed Bead Ring
20g or 18g
$6.98 each
Stainless CZ Screw-On Tunnels
10g to 1"
7 gem colors
$13.98-$24.98 pair
Gem Flower Stainless Nose Bone
20g 1/4"
4 gem colors
$4.98 each
Double Rainbow Glass Spirals
4g to 1/2"
$13.98-$21.98 pair
16g Rainbow Circular Barbell
$2.98-$5.98 each
16g Rainbow Labret Stud
$2.98-$5.98 each
Rainbow Anodized Spiral Nines
8g to 0g
$13.98-$18.98 pair
Rainbow Dreamcatcher Tunnels
6g up to 1"
$15.98-$29.98 pair
Rainbow Anodized Spirals
6g to 0g
$14.98-$18.98 pair