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Clear Nose Bone Retainer

Clear Nose Bone Retainer

These 18 gauge clear monofilament nose bone retainers are approximately 5/16" long. Great for minimizing your piercing because they're flexible, yet retain their shape. They're made of a non-petroleum based nylon monofilament, the same material used for non-absorbable sutures. Choose your size below.


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Customer Reviews

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It's perfect for my job because I am not allowed to wear jewelry but it goes in far enough that it looks like it's only the hole in my nose. No one can see the nose ring because it blends in so good will definitely be ordering more just in case for back up. I have tried several different kinds but you could always tell I had my nose ring in but with this one you can not tell at all.

Clear nose retainer

I purchased the clear nose retainer for use about a week and a half after piercing. These things are perfect when you do not want your piercing to be seen. They are way to insert and do not have any large ends on them as some retainers do. Love them!

Love this!

Great for work, and it stays in over night

Finally a retainer that works!

Folks, I have searched hi and low for a retainer I can wear that is not VISIBLE. FINALLY I HAVE FOUND ONE! When I first got it in the mail, I thought it was going to be too long, but it fits perfectly. They stay put even when I am asleep. I can't even feel it! My search is over and I can stop wasting my money on retainers that don't do what they are supposed to do. LOVE IT!

these are perfect

I think I gave this 5 stars, my phone is a little glitchy so if I didnt, know that these deserve 5 stars. I had to remove my earrings for work (I work in a jewelry repair shop), and I purchased these at the 5/16th size. They're perfect. I also forgot I had them in and fell asleep with them, and they stayed in. I'm super pleased with these, and you can't really see them in at all (which is what I needed)

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