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0 gauge

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Snap-fit Captive Bead Ring
8g up to 00g
$5.98-$19.98 each
Acrylic Captive Bead Ring
10g up to 00g
$2.49-$5.98 each
Spring-Loaded Captive Bead Ring
4g up to 0g
$8.98-$11.98 each
Stainless Screw-Ball Ring
4g up to 00g
$12.98-$29.98 each
Socket Ring by Body Circle Designs
8g up to 0g
$26.98-$78.48 each
Socket Ring & Rubber Ball by Body Circle Designs
4g up to 00g
$38.48-$94.48 each
Captive Bead Rings by Gorilla Glass
6g up to 1/2"
9 colors
$39.98-$49.98 pair