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9/16 inch

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Sugalite Plugs by Oracle Body Jewelry
8g up to 1"
$15.98-$67.98 pair
Green Aventurine Tunnels by Diablo Organics
00g up to 2"
$19.98-$109.98 pair
Thin-Wall Pink Silicone Tunnels
2g up to 1"
$5.98-$8.98 pair
Gabon Ebony & Burr Yew Plugs by Siam Organics
1/2" up to 1-1/4"
$34.98-$42.98 pair
Black Agate & Stainless Steel Plugs
$13.48-$14.98 pair
Maple Tunnels by Siam Organics
6g up to 1"
$12.98-$20.98 pair
Acrylic Woody Pattern Plugs
$1.98 pair
Crazy Horse Plugs by Urban Star Organics
00g up to 1"
$21.23-$41.98 pair
Brass Bali Lotus Tunnels
6g up to 5/8"
$15.98-$19.98 pair
Gold Hydra Eyelets by Kaos Softwear
00g up to 1"
$17.98-$18.98 pair
Chrysoprase Plugs by Oracle Body Jewelry
$57.98-$79.98 pair