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Brass Ornate Saddle Spreaders

Brass Ornate Saddle Spreaders

$19.98 to $31.98 for a pair (two pieces)
These ornate saddle spreaders are made from yellow brass. They have a wearable area of 5/16" between flares. These should fit so long as your lobes can handle large flares, but many customers prefer these one smaller size than the plug size they normally wear. Choose your size below.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Beautiful earrings, but they look way too big.

I think the earrings are so beautiful. I didn’t even open them from the packaging because I can tell by looking at them there is no way they would fit in my ears. I have 0G. I have never worn saddles before so I wish in the description it would explain you would need to stretch your ears in order for them to fit, or get a size smaller than your gauge. I didn’t even open the package and figured I could return them, but I saw they can only be returned if the item is broken. Such a waste of a beautiful product and money.

I'm sorry these were too big for you, but we do accept returns and exchanges so long as the bags are sealed. Visit returns.tulsabodyjewelry.com for instructions if you still want to send them back.

If you pay for shipping they come super fast in the mail! Beautiful product, it fit perfectly. I'm 22 mm and I bought 20mm. For saddles it's better to get a size smaller.

Gorgeous Spreaders!

I want to start off by saying the design is spot-on and they are beautiful pieces of jewelry! They have a nice weight to them but not too heavy like some brass I've worn before. They came polished and in perfect condition. My tattoo artist fell in love with them and soon as she got a detailed look at them! I'm a guy. I've gotten some compliments from people I didn't expect to hear from. They really are as unique as they look and are high quality.

Some words of caution:
The size YOU CHOOSE... is the size of the inner diameter of the spreaders. That is to say, the inner design side, not where your earlobe fits into. In my particular situation, I ordered their 7/8" size. It was bigger than I expected! lol I will be ordering another pair to accommodate my style, but please be warned. Luckily, I used to be 1" so I got to try them on right away with the help of some lotion :). Love them.

Super fast. I paid $5 for 2 day shipping and received it faster than what the post office claimed. They even have an option for text alerts on your order! Super convenient and I'm glad they have that free option. Speaking of which, they have a free shipping option as well. Noice.

I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Will be ordering again to fine tune my taste, but overall not a bad buy for the price. Treat choself with some Tulsa!!! You also get a rad sticker and goodies!!!

They’re beautiful

But I didn’t realize they fit differently. I triple checked the size and it’s the same size I’ve had for the past 6 years. These saddles were way too big. Either they run big, or I was sent the entire wrong size and didn’t realize before opening, they’re not a usual plug.

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All jewelry is individually packaged in clear heat sealed bags that allow for a good visual inspection of size and color. Please take a good look at your jewelry and make sure it meets up with your expectations before opening the bag. Everything is guaranteed to arrive undamaged and free of manufacturer defects. Items can be exchanged or returned for a full store credit within thirty days of delivery confirmation, but only if the original packaging remains sealed. Original shipping charges will not be reimbursed, but replacements for any defective, broken or mistaken merchandise are always shipped free.

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