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Space Jewelry

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14g Anodized Star
5 colors
$4.98 each
Black Hole Glass Plugs
0g up to 5/8"
$12.98-$17.98 pair
Star Gem Nostril Screw
20g or 18g
6 gem colors
$3.98 each
Stainless Star Nipple Barbells
14g 1/2"-5/8"
$17.98 pair
14g Opal Moon Industrial Barbell
black or white opal
$11.98 each
Stainless Moon L-Bend Nose Stud
20g or 18g
$4.98 each
14g Stainless CZ Star
3 gem colors
$6.98 each
Purple Galaxy Glass Plugs
2g up to 1"
$11.98-$29.98 pair
Star Cartilage Barbell
16g 1/4"
$4.98 each
Screw-on Full Moon Plugs
$11.98-$13.98 pair