Stone Ear Weights

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Green Aventurine Keyholes
$24.98-$35.98 pair
Black Agate Keyholes
0g to 5/8"
$21.98-$35.98 pair
Turquoise Keyholes
0g to 5/8"
$21.98-$35.98 pair
Sold Out
Quartz Crystal Globe Pendants by Diablo Organics
pendants only
$69.98-$79.98 pair
Sold Out
White Jade Keyholes by Diablo Organics
5/8" and up
$69.98 pair
Rose Quartz Keyholes
$29.98 pair
Golden Obsidian Keyholes
0g or 00g
$29.98-$35.98 pair