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Curved Barbells - Stainless Steel Curved Barbell By Body Circle Designs

Curved Barbell by Body Circle Designs

SKU: BCD-CVS16-1/4
$28.98 to $38.48 each (sold individually)

The internally threaded curved barbell is made from implant grade 316LVM F-138 stainless steel by Body Circle Designs. The balls are counter bored for safety and comfort. All 16g barbells have a #000-120 thread size and everything 14g-8g has 1.2mm threading. All parts are hand polished to a mirror finish. Both ends are removable. Choose your size below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Poor firmest of ball ends

Bought a Og 3/4” for my PA. the ball ends have a gap where they screw into the post. The countersunk portion of the ball is too large of a diameter, which made this jewelry painful to wear. The gap causing pinching of skin when the ball end comes in contact with the piercing.

Given the price or this piece I am highly disappointed.

I have worn Og circular bar bells for years in the piercing. I also have a 2g curved barbell I wear that is comfortable for reference.

I ordered the cheap curved barbell from this site and the quality is much better. The ball ends fit tighter and the jewelry can be worn. Buyer beware on this brand.

Curved Barbell by Body Circle Designs, 12g - 5/8" long - 7/32" balls

BUYER BEWARE!!! Ordered 7 items and not a single item delivered was correct. 12g curved barbell came with 13/16 balls instead of 7/32". Ordered 12g straight barbells and instead 10g were delivered. The ball sizes on the straight barbells was incorrect also. E-mailed immediately and three times over the week to contact Tulsa Body Jewelry before getting a response back. The complete order was incorrect because of their mistakes but they would not replace the items because they had been opened and autoclaved as a prep to use. It is very difficult to determine if a barbell is 12g or 10g until you open it and attempt to attach the insertion taper... Especially when one has no reason to suspect all of the barbells received would be the incorrect gauge. Ordered from TBJ due to availability and reasonable price but in the end had to pay again and order the correct items from a reliable company that I've had excellent service from in the past. Very dissatisfied with customer service and their commitment to taking care of the customer when the mistakes were completely due to their incompetence.

New jewelry

Everything worked out really well except one of the tapers was too small had to go to piercer for the nipples

12 Gauge 5/8" Curved Barbell

Very high quality and comfortable. Will order again.

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