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16g Ferido CZ Labret

16g Ferido CZ Labret

SKU: LBS-FRD-16-5/16-AQ
$2.99 to $5.98 each (sold individually)

The 16 gauge ferido cz labret is made from externally threaded 316L stainless steel. The 3mm paved balls have a thick, smooth and clear epoxy coating that keeps the gems from falling out. The handmade balls are very consistent in quality, but please don't expect perfect spheres. The light blue and light purple colors are discontinued and and marked down to half price. Choose your size and color below.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great quality and super cute! Everything I was expecting!🥰


I am pretty pleased with this piece. I love how sparkly the ball is. I needed an externally threaded bar because the internally threaded ones are always just a little bit too short. This bar is just a bit too long, so it does stick out a little when I smile, but I will take that over being pinched and developing a keloid or damaging the inside tissue of my lip any day. I will purchase more jewelry from this site in the future. Oh! Also, it arrived 3 days sooner than anticipated, so that was swell! Cannot beat the price.

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