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Plugs - Flesh Tone Hider Plugs By Kaos Softwear

Flesh Tone Hider Plugs by Kaos Softwear


These flesh tone silicone hider plugs are made in the USA by Kaos Softwear. They have a 3/8" wearable area and hollow backside that allows for easy insertion. The best silicone hiders that money can buy! Choose your size and color below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great little guys to hide your holes!

I got this for a new job and lemme tell ya, they work GREAT! They were a bit difficult to get in at first, mostly because I've never used plugs and I'm only at 8g, but once I got them in and set em in place they hid my holes really well! If you look super close you can see, but that's mostly because my skin has a pin tone to it, but from far away they make me look way more professional!

Been buying Kaos products for years.

The office I work in doesn’t prohibit me from sporting my guages, so I actually bought these out of curiousity. From the reactions I’ve received from friends and family, they certainly work well. I didn’t tell anyone I was buying them so the reactions were authentic. I have only my left ear pierced/guaged which also contributes to the appearance. The photo I took was in the dark with only the tv light, but it serves the hider plug authenticity justice.
I love Kaos Softwear, they are the only silicone plugs that fit snug in the earlobe, and they are the only silicone ear products I purchase. I’m a big fan of their the skin eyelets. Thank you!


I got these, because I started a job that isn't very body mod friendly and I wanted something to help hide my holes for cosplay. Honestly, these are great. I cannot recommend them enough. They do the job very well for something that doesn't require makeup to help hide/blend them. I'm very impressed. Plus, Tulsa Body Jewelry helped me find them quickly. Such great people and I will honestly buy from them again. I think this might be my new go-to for piercing jewelry.


I had to buy these plugs due to a work situation. They arrived before time was expected. Once I put them in, which was very easy, I was impressed. You would have to look very hard to see them. They blended in very good. Needless to say I am very satisfied in the product. I would have to removed my plugs completely if I did not find these flesh tone plugs. Awesome product.

Excellent experience

Great price and quality. Quick shipping too. Thank you!

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