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Horn Double Flare Tunnels by Siam Organics
8g up to 1-1/4"
$15.98-$27.98 pair
Horn Tunnels w/ Bone Inlay
6g up to 1"
$12.98-$19.98 pair
Horn Double Flared Tunnels
8g up to 5/8"
$11.98-$13.98 pair
Horn Oval Teardrop Tunnels by Siam Organics
5/8" up to 1-1/4"
$47.98-$63.98 pair
Bone & Horn Double Flared Tunnels
2g up to 1/2"
$12.98-$14.98 pair
Irian Jaya Horn Tunnels by Urban Star Organics
2g up to 1"
$14.98-$19.48 pair
Lattice Inlay Horn Tunnels
$11.98-$17.98 pair