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Nipple Jewelry

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14g Titanium Cones Circular Barbell
15 colors
$10.98 each
14g Titanium 3-Prong Opal Circular Barbell
14 opal colors
$37.98 each
Titanium 3-Prong Opal Nipple Barbells
14g 1/2"-5/8"
14 opal colors
$74.98 pair
Rainbow Titanium Straight Barbell
16g or 14g
$5.98 each
14g Titanium Straight Barbell by NeoMetal
3/8" up to 1-5/8"
$11.98-$14.98 each
Rainbow Titanium Circular Barbell
16g or 14g
$7.98 each
Black Titanium Captive Bead Ring
18g up to 14g
$5.98 each
Titanium CZ Nipple Barbells
14g 3/8"-5/8"
15 colors
$19.98 pair
Black Titanium Circular Barbell w/ Cones
16g or 14g
$6.98-$7.98 each