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Our huge selection of jewelry for stretched ear lobes. More sizes, shapes and styles featuring glass, stone, organics and more. Our plugs and tunnels are all sold as pairs.


Blackline Ammonite Spirals
6 gauge
$23.98 pair
Heavy-Wall Blackline Tunnels
2g to 1"
$13.98-$17.98 pair
Jumbo Single Flared Blackline Tunnels
1-1/8" to 2"
$21.98-$35.98 pair
Screw-On Blackline CZ Plugs
8g to 1"
$15.98-$26.98 pair
Blackline Spirals
6g to 0g
$14.98-$18.98 pair
Blackline Spiral Nines
8g to 0g
$13.98-$18.98 pair
Blackline Claws
8g to 00g
$13.98-$17.98 pair
Vitrail CZ Blackline Screw Plugs
8g to 1"
$13.98-$29.98 pair
Gun Metal Ornate Saddle Spreaders
0g to 5/8"
$29.98-$35.98 pair
Medieval Filigree Tunnels
2g to 5/8"
$17.98-$23.98 pair
Druzy Dangle Plugs
$14.98-$20.98 pair
Flower Filigree Tunnels
$17.98-$19.98 pair