Septum Jewelry

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10g Titanium Hinged Segment Ring
$15.98 each
Septum Pincher by Gorilla Glass
14g to 10g
9 colors
$16.00 each
Curved Horn Septum Tusk
14g to 00g
$10.98-$18.98 each
Bloodwood Septum Tusk
12g to 00g
$13.98-$20.98 each
Notched Mother of Pearl Septum Tusk
14g to 2g
$21.98-$27.98 each
Rainbow Spiked Circular Barbell
10g to 2g
$6.98-$9.98 each
Gold Plated Pincers
14g to 0g
Bioflex Septum Staple
16g to 10g
10 colors
$2.98 each
Clear Acrylic Septum Retainer
16g to 10g
$2.98 each