18 gauge

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Bioflex Nose Hoop
20g or 18g
10 colors
$2.48 each
18g Threadless Labret Post by NeoMetal
$10.00-$10.60 each
Bezel-set CZ Threadless End by NeoMetal
22 cz colors
$14.18-$18.90 each
Stainless Steel Continuous Ring
20g or 18g
$2.98 each
Stainless Nose Hoop
20g to 16g
$3.98-$4.98 each
Bioflex Nostril Retainer
20g or 18g
3 colors
$2.98 each
Blackline Hinged Segment Ring
20g or 18g
$7.98 each
Threadless Textured Titanium Disc by NeoMetal
5 colors
$12.60-$14.70 each
Threadless Insertion Taper by NeoMetal
18g to 14g
$11.60-$16.60 each