2 gauge

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Blackline Pincers
16g to 00g
Blackline Screw-on Tunnels
10g to 1"
$13.98-$25.98 pair
Gold Plated Pincers
14g to 0g
Single Flare Blackline Tunnels
10g to 1"
$7.98-$14.98 pair
Double Flared Blackline Tunnels
10g to 2"
$7.98-$21.98 pair
Blackline Circular Barbell
10g to 00g
$7.98-$12.98 each
Vitrail CZ Blackline Screw Plugs
8g to 1"
$13.98-$29.98 pair
Blackline CZ Screw-On Tunnels
10g to 1"
$14.98-$23.98 pair
Blackline Tapers
14g to 00g
$10.98-$12.98 pair
Prong CZ Blackline Screw Plugs
2g to 5/8"
$13.98-$22.98 pair
Blackline Spiked Circular Barbell
10g to 2g
$7.98-$9.98 each