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Great Quality and Feel

Didn't get right size at first but the people here really care and refunded it and sent me the right stuff.

First time order

First time order - I am pleased with the pieces. Great prices and everything was delivered quicker than I expected

I will be ordering more pieces as I need to swap out for larger bars / rings.

Thank you

Exactly what I ordered, came quickly, packaged very well and easy to inspect to make sure it was what I wanted without opening first. Fortunately for me I guesstimated the size correctly, and they're exactly what I needed. Will be ordering more, since the pair I bought were to test the length.

Love it!

Exactly like the picture. Easy to put in, and it's looks great on me!

Vintage Filigree Septum Clicker
Not as cute as the picture.

The design wasn't as clean as pictured. It looked poorly made so I didn't even bother trying it on. I will be returning the item.

Poor firmest of ball ends

Bought a Og 3/4” for my PA. the ball ends have a gap where they screw into the post. The countersunk portion of the ball is too large of a diameter, which made this jewelry painful to wear. The gap causing pinching of skin when the ball end comes in contact with the piercing.

Given the price or this piece I am highly disappointed.

I have worn Og circular bar bells for years in the piercing. I also have a 2g curved barbell I wear that is comfortable for reference.

I ordered the cheap curved barbell from this site and the quality is much better. The ball ends fit tighter and the jewelry can be worn. Buyer beware on this brand.

Great jewellery.

I was having trouble finding 10g jewellery in Titanium. Will be purchasing from TULSA a lot more.

Decent product.

Good material, runs a bit large in diameter, not too long. Stays put and hides piercing.
You can see a black hole when looking at it directly from the top.

Just as pictured. Absolutely beautiful!

Nice but not opal

This remind me more of an iridescent glass than opal. You can see right through them when they’re on and they don’t play off of the light the same way that other (synthetic) opal plugs I’ve bought in the past. They’re still nice though.

Sorry if you were confused, but we're not promoting these as opal plugs. Opalite is a type of glass.
Cute! But delicate

I bought these and wore them for two days. I had to take one out so I could clean the hole I put it in, and the hinge broke. The piece will no longer stay closed. I absolutely love how cute they are, but if they break like this, they may not be worth the price. I’ve emailed the company asking about returning it, or even repairing it, and not heard back, but if I hear anything I can update.

Exactly what I was looking for

I bought three of these (a new pair and a single to replace a missing half of a pair) and they were exactly what I was expecting. I was really pleased to find a store that sold them online, especially since I have these for several other piercings and I wanted them all to match.

They were packaged exactly as they said the would be, very easy to check and make sure it was what I wanted before opening the item. The instructions on how to bend the post were very helpful and easy to follow. I particularly appreciated that they included a business card with a ruler and a sizing guide with the package. Would buy again.

Look great

I love the way these look, lost a star just because they slip out easy

Labret Post

Just what I needed. Perfect fit!

Good deal

Affordable and comfortable

These are gorgeous

I wish I had ordered these sooner, they look gorgeous, they are the perfect size for my nostrils, and it feel so pretty with them. 10/10 would buy a million times again

Great but size is not quite right

My 2 gauge set was a little small but I really like the style and quality

I love these plugs! These are the only things I can sleep in without waking up with neck or ear pain. They also match everything so I wear them all the time.

Another good product from TBJ.

Quick shipping and a great fit.


Shipping was faster than expected. Love this nose ring, perfect fit! I will order again🙂


I've had this piece in for a few weeks now and I love it so much. For reference I bought mine in a 16g with 1/4 diameter and it's true to size. The only thing to keep in mind is that since it's gold plated, it will tarnish. Mine already has along the bar and on the nodules the bar is attached to. However, that part is not visible to anyone but me so it's not a big deal. It's easy to click into place but I've never been able to successfully take it out. I did open and close it a few times before putting it in but it's still pretty difficult to remove. Luckily I don't plan to remove it often. Haha

These are so much better than others out there!! Do not order the ones off Amazon. Just FYI

My very first order of bio-flex nose screws was about a year ago from Tulsa Body Jewelry. They were amazing and perfect for what I needed. They are so sparkly and the stones have never fell out.

...one day browsing on Amazon I found some bio-flex nose screws from a 3rd party seller thinking I could save a few dollars and have 3 for only $9.99....It was such a WASTE of money.

Tulsa Body Jewelry has the best Bio-flex products hands down that will actually hold up much longer.

The ones I purchased off Amazon the stone had fallen out within a day and they were so cheaply made they were hard to get in and instead of a more rounded corner they had a 90* corner that ended up being super painful to put in.

I hope this helps you decide to buy these. I will never buy any others!!

Kaos ear plugs

Great product! Only gauges I can wear without any problems and you can sleep comfortably with them in. Good price and fast shipping!


Love these. Great colour and great to wear. Got them quick as well :)


Love these once. Great colour and very smooth to wear. Got them pretty quick to :)