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Love it!!!

16g Stainless Segment Ring
Bianca Hernandez

16g Stainless Segment Ring


great cock ring for my prince albert


Looks amazing and is a great addition to my current rings. Make sure to pay attention to the sizing of the bead to make for a seamless transition

Perfect, As ordered and Fast. Thank you

Ordered Clear Glass Convex Plugs, received Clear Glass Single Flare Pulgs. Other wise Fast service.

Blackline Nose Hoop
April Price

Nice ring but preferred the rose gold and silver.

Stainless Pincers
Judith Ouimette

Stainless Pincers

Everything came is as expected. High quality ..

Everything came is as expected. It is high quality jewelry. I never had a problem with anything I ordered. Customer service is also great. I originally placed the wrong order and they were very helpful in fixing my mistake.

Love how this looks.

I’m always impressed with the septum rings I get from Tulsa. Couldn’t be happier. Fit is perfect and looks so dang awesome! 🤙

Phillips Head Threaded earring

Love it! Yay

Great jewelry

High Quality jewelry! Easy installation for my daith piercing. Highly recommended and would definitely order other products from this site again!

It looks good

I ordered a 8 gage septum spike . All of my other jewelry is a size 8(3mm) I'm excited about my order so I open it to put it in. I'm unable to do so because it's large than what I wear . Due to their policy I can't return it because it's been opened
Well it looks good but I have no use for it

I am super happy with the quality of the jewelry. Shipping was crazy fast and I got exactly what I expected.

Carved Bone Septum Tusk by Oracle Body Jewelry

10g Titanium Curved Barbell (internal)

Wonderful Quality

Very pleased with my purchase! Will be a return customer. The 14k white gold is hard to find at an affordable rate, and it is definitely real gold. Thank you guys so much for supplying legit items that arrive quickly, and affordable!

Kai’s Aztec Gold

Beautiful as always from Kaos. Fast shipping, nice packaging and a great price!

Won’t stay screwed shut.

I had issues with my first set where I could keep the balls to stay screwed on. I ordered a new set and within 2 hours of putting them in. I was missing a ball already and now the colors don’t match. Called in to customer service which wasn’t much help. Ordering elsewhere to to get ones that will actually stay on.

Spirals by Gorilla Glass
Robert Vendemmia
It's etsy, what else is new

Wrong color. I ordered green ones with black speckles. I got light blue instead


I track most of my shipments through the Shop app, so I can’t comment too much on Tulsa’s tracking system. But the jewelry came in a small box very well protected & air sealed in bags in about a week’s time. My nose looks like I have two black holes from the retainers, but keep in mind, it’s GLASS not plastic, so it’s going to look a little bigger. I’m so happy I got these & don’t have to worry about my retainers getting caught on something & ripped out anymore (which hurts!)

Tiger Eye

Love the look of these from the natural stone material

Thunder Egg

Love the look these have from the natural stone material

14g Black Titanium Straight Barbell

Prong CZ Stainless L-Bend Nose Stud