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Great product!

The Neo Metal products are awesome. Tulsa’s prices are very reasonable and they are quick to ship.

Great Earrings

Awesome earrings!!


This retainer is the best- almost invisible to the naked eye. Really love it!

Great piece of body jewelry!

Came quickly, I was able to judge very well that it would fit without having to remove sealed package. It did fit, much better than the longer bar I had previously. Very happy with purchase and would definitely recommend to others.

12 gauge hoops

I love my new hoops. I had stretched to a 12g but absolutely hate the tunnels. Thank you all so much.

Perfect, She loves them

Quality, value for money, customer service all good.

Good quality

It is a very well made piece of jewelry, however you need the option for larger balls. These are far to small for a P.A.

I received these plugs in great condition , shipping was fast and I was greatly appreciative of the quality of the plugs 💕 I also received a lip ring and tapers with the same quality! #ShopTulsaBodyJewelry


I hate to leave bad reviews, however, I received my two hoops in good time which was awesome... Fast shipping. However, when I tried opening the hinges, one completely snapped and broke and the other almost broke my fingers opening. I give it two stars because of the good shipping.


Fast shipping, very professional package, always love the store

Just what I wanted

They're great! Just the right weight I was looking for. Love em


First I want to start off by saying how long it took to ship. I emailed them telling them why hasn’t by item been shipped yet. USPS kept saying it was awaiting item. Meaning my shipping label was created but never sent to USPS. That was like that for 4 days. Anyways when it finally came I noticed that inside the box it came with a card talking about measurements which is smart but dumb that they don’t have that on there website basically you have to guess which one is right for you. And since I guessed I got one to small.

Love it, thanks. I’ll be buying more content from you.

Great products and I love wearing it. I’ll be buying more products from you guys and I can’t wait to do so. Thank you so much for your service and I’ll be seeing you here in a month or so. Thank you again.

snake eyes piercing

Kinda wish I could get the right size. Ordered from these people about 5 times throughout the span of months but i never got the right size and i know they don’t do refunds...i ended up just taking the piercing out. it’s pretty flimsy but it’s up to you

We do allow refunds if you keep the jewelry sealed in the original heat sealed bags. I can find three orders for barbells that are 5/16'-3/8' long. The sizes you keep ordering are more typical for an eyebrow piercing. You probably need a 16g curved barbell that's at least 1/2' long.
Snap Fit

Love the weight and quality of this piece. Will definitely order from here again.

Delicate Glint

Love Neometal and love these. I got the 1.5mm clear ones to go on my triple flat piercings. When I ordered, I worried they would be too tiny. For my piercing, they are not! The size is just right — they do not look crowded, instead, they look delicate and offer a small glint. It’s perfect for me. My other Neometal pieces have lasted years - I was just ready to move from the louder tops I had to something more elegant. Good quality, shipped quickly, arrived in good shape.

Love this nose ring

Highly recommend these folks for your piercing needs. The price is right and the quality can't be beat. The only thing I think could be worked on is how you handle mistakes made on your end. You should pay postage to have item returned and not make customer wait longer. I felt like i was being a bother, and had to wait much longer when it wasn't my fault I got the wrong item. Other than that, I still recommend with 5 stars!


Its tiny... like not gauge wise obviously but tiny as in my septum itself was way too wide and I cannot see it fitting anyone's septum honestly... but I opened it to try it and now I know so thought I'd pass this knowledge along... its REALLY not wide enough for anyone septum to fit properly :(



Perfect fit, great price! The double flare means they’ll never fall out!


Beautiful, great weight, and well made 2 gauge, ⅞”. The ball has a long stem that does not loosen. And, the ring has rounded edges that make insertion much easier. I highly recommend this ring.

Clean, Elegant

I got their 5/8ths size (I'm 7/8ths) and I like how they look. Great attention to detail. They're my new daily pair! Came fast too, I paid $5 for express shipping. Peace out

I ordered these in the bigger diameter

I ordered these in the bigger diameter, 8g with 3/8 dia. I cant get the tiny opening passed the middle part of my nose without it hurting really really bad. I'm extremely disappointed because I've wasted so much fucking money on trying to find an 8g septum for my birthday and now I've wasted more. I paid for the extra shipping and it still took over 5 days to get here. I ordered a 6g in the same diameter so a least that one is still sealed, though its opening is exactly the same tiny size at the 8g. I shouldnt have to risk ripping my piercing hole because I spent $50 for nothing!!!

00 gauge barbell

Perfect finish and super comfortable for every day wear.