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good earrings.....

good earrings, just the right size.....

Precision Manufacturing!

The tolerances between the ring and the balls is so precise that I was wondering if it was one piece until I managed to get a good enough grip to get one of the ballls unscrewed. This is my first titanium piece and I am amazed at how much more well made it is than all my stainless steel rings of smaller gauge. And so light! I will miss the weight to be honest.


Just what I have been waiting for thanks.

Black Obsidian Concave Plugs
Vanessa Schroeder

Great quality, matching size.

Perfect fit

ive been looking everywhere for this specific size septum ring bc the regular ones hang too low on me (i was pierced in the wrong spot.) not only did they have what i was looking for but it fits perfectly!! also came with some cool little stickers. 10/10

I think you sent the wrong size
I’m just keeping them because returning to your facility is not easy. I tried returning something before. Otherwise the other products seem to be just fine

Not what I was expecting

I thought that the peppermint swirl plugs would be red and white, but instead, they were red and clear. When I put them in my ears, the clear part turns pink like my skin. So basically they look red and pink and not at all like peppermint. :(

great quality

great quality jewelry, I prefer internally threaded but couldn't find any In the size I needed, The bar was too small so it dug into my lip a little bit but that's mostly my fault before so I ended up ordering the bigger size but haven't received them yet.

Really nice

It's super good quality and looks great, just a little uncomfortable in the mouth at first. It got here pretty early too and the packaging was safe

Great Jewelry

I wear mine as a PA. Tulsa’s products are always great quality, smooth, highly polished, good threading, stays secure. Only wish is larger balls, but that personal preference. Highly recommend any of their titanium jewelry.

Not what I expected

It doesn’t look anything like the picture and it’s really small so you can’t see it that much.

Labret stud came with a lose ball (thread)

My 12g labret studs ball was loose. I had to end up buying another set from you guys the day after I got them. Which is today

Great quality

The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because I had to pry them open with pliers just to get the ball removed before using them. I’m a big strong guy and had to use a big set of pliers just to open them enough to be able to remove or reinstall the ball.

18g Threadless Labret Post by NeoMetal

Opal Prong Stainless Stud Earrings

So pretty!. The green coloring isn’t quite as robust as in the photo (understandable) but they are lovely!

2mm Prong-set CZ Threadless End by NeoMetal

Borderline Unusable

I've had SO many issues with this pincher, it's unbelievable. First off, the opening is way too small and the points drag through my piercing. It hurts SO bad to put in, if I can even get an end into my piercing. If my septum is swollen at all, for any reason, I can't even get one of the points TO the hole. Second, the two sides taper drastically different, which makes it look weird in my nose and even more of a pain to get in. It also makes it basically impossible to use o-rings to hold the pincher in, which you NEED, because if this thing gets any amount of moisture on it, it's spinning around in your nose. I've had to fall back to using tunnels, until a new piece of jewelry gets here, because I can't stand it anymore. If you have a tiny septum or the piercing is really low, this could be great, but it's been nothing but a nightmare for me.

Great septum ring

Ring is great.


Was unsure if I was going to get what I was expecting. It is exactly what I wanted and I’m happy with my purchase. Fits perfectly, it’s cute and simple.

Cute Ostrich Earrings

Exactly as it looked in the picture on the site And good quality.


Size does not seem to fit


so cute, very happy with them!

Hard to Find!!

18G and this style are hard to find elsewhere. I'm glad I ordered. I was hoping the ball itself would have been just a tiny bit smaller but I do have a pretty small nose. Overall they're perfect quality and just what you would expect. Pretty fast shipping too!

Very Happy

Excellent quality at a great price product arrived as stated makes a great PA ring. Pleasure doing business

4mm Opal Titanium Stud Earrings?

As advertised. Love the earrings. Super fast shipping.