[#38] Stud Earrings

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We've got three display cases dedicated to our collection of unique stud earrings.
Round CZ Stainless Studs
20g 3mm-10mm
5 gem colors
$5.98-$9.98 pair
Opal Bezel Stainless Studs
20g 6mm
5 opal colors
$7.98 pair
Square CZ Stainless Studs
22g 3mm-10mm
5 gem colors
$7.98-$9.98 pair
Stainless Hoop Stud Earrings
20 gauge
$5.98 pair
Stainless Flower Earrings
20 gauge
$8.98 pair
Opal Prong Stainless Stud Earrings
20g 3mm-5mm
6 opal colors
$7.98 pair
Opal Prong Stainless Studs
20g 3mm-5mm
blue or white
$8.98-$10.98 pair
Opal Bezel-set Stainless Studs
$7.98 pair
Stainless Paw Print Earrings
20 gauge
$7.98 pair