1-9/16 inch

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Brass Saddle Spreaders
2g to 1-9/16"
$14.98-$61.98 pair
Engraved Tamarind Wood Tunnels
1/2" to 40mm
$13.98-$19.98 pair
Celtic Knot Engraved Arang Wood Plugs
5/8" to 1-7/16"
$17.98-$28.98 pair
Crazy Lace Agate Narra Wood Plugs
$51.98-$53.98 pair
Black Onyx Inlay Arang Wood Plugs
13/16" up to 40mm
$31.98-$44.98 pair
Engraved Crocodile Wood Inlay Tamarind Wood Plugs
28mm up to 40mm
$24.98-$29.98 pair
Turquoise Narra Wood Plugs
$50.98 pair
Balinese Engraved Iron Wood Plugs
13/16" to 1-7/16"
$21.98-$29.98 pair